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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/JAN/2012 1:29 AM
Assunto:  Delve into English in 2012

It was Fran´s fault! I was here, with my empty head, pondering if I should now make the New Year resolution (rather late, uh?) or help my wife to tidy the house (now at six and sevens after plenty of booze, refreshments and with the traditional leftovers on the table...)  Then, Fran comes up with the issue of "really delving into the English language", the "really" instantly caught my eye, and I can resist everything except one temptation...in this case, to the urge of replaying the past year into my head.

Did I make one real effort to better my English? Hmm, don´t know if reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo" cover to cover would count! or the least bulky "The Paradox of Choice" either.  All read in the last month.

Not big deal, anyway I have some good (or lame?) excuses for my laziness: the work is taking a toll on me, the children and family issues demanded much attention, it´s been a rough path indeed.

Upon reading the "really" of Fran, I came to my senses, I did had to do something, anything, I began to express myself ...

The leftovers could wait, tough my wife had other plans for me!  Well, I am going to help her, at least by emptying that cider bottle, drinking straight from it! 

I am kidding around, of course!

See you again.

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