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Autor:  Teacher
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/FEV/2012 12:40 PM
Assunto:  antigo guarda-livros
Mensagem:  Dale,

Seu português é excelente, até parece um brasileiro escrevendo.

I found it very interesting about the bookkeepers in Cali.

In Brazil formal businesses have a lot of paper work and taxes, so one they can't afford to hire a full time accountant they pay an accountant's office for monthly services, such as paying taxes, and etc.

Hiring someone also has some extra steps like going to the Ministério do Trabalho to register the employee.

It's a big pain for a lay person to do it, so accountant's offices offer theses services at a predetermined fee usually issued by CRA, which is the regional council for accountants.

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