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Autor:  Sidney
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/FEV/2012 11:46 PM
Assunto:  Assure x Ensure

Yep they are synonyms.



Merriam-Webster Collegiate® Dictionary    

•  en·sure 

Pronunciation:     in-'shu̇r
Function:           transitive verb
Inflected Form:    en·sured ; en·sur·ing
Etymology:          Middle English, from Anglo-French ensurer, alteration of assurer ― more at ASSURE
Date:               1660

: to make sure, certain, or safe : GUARANTEE
synonyms ENSURE, INSURE, ASSURE, SECURE mean to make a thing or person sure. ENSURE, INSURE and ASSURE are interchangeable in many contexts where they indicate the making certain or inevitable of an outcome, but ENSURE may imply a virtual guarantee <the government has ensured the safety of the refugees>, while INSURE sometimes stresses the taking of necessary measures beforehand <careful planning should insure the success of the party>, and ASSURE distinctively implies the removal of doubt and suspense from a person's mind <I assure you that no harm will be done>. SECURE implies action taken to guard against attack or loss <sent reinforcements to secure their position>.

© 2005 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated Merriam-Webster Collegiate® Thesaurus    

•  ensure 

Function: verb

to make something certain or sure <provisions ensuring that the rank and file have a voice in union policy-making>
Synonyms: assure, cinch, insure, secure
Related Words: certify, guarantee, warrant; arrange, establish, provide, set out

© 2005 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

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