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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/FEV/2012 12:39 AM
Assunto:  Rasurar

   Olá pessoal,
  Gostaria de saber como falar rasurar, rasura em inglês, vi no dicionário to erase, to blot out, to scrape, to grate, mas não sei como se usa nas frases e o dicionário não diz o se a palavra é formal ou se é informal. Queria escrever essas frases de modo natural ...

   -Não rasure a prova.
   -Respostas rasuradas não serão aceitas.
   -Respostas rasuradas serão anuladas.
   -Se houver rasuras nas questões multipla-escolha a questão será anulada.


   I a layman, but here go my hunches (they are open to editing by more experienced learners or native speakers), I myself will learn from these, when proofreaded.

   Here they are:

     - Once you have chosen an answer you are don´t erase, scratch or correct it. Answers with erasures won´t be scored.
     - Answers with evidence of any kind of tampering are not/won´t be accepted.

      -Answers with erasure marks will not be in any event be accepted as right.

     - An item with erasure marks or altering/corrections, automatically will count as a wrong answer.

     - In case of erasing/erasure marks/erasure corrections  in the multiple-choice questions, the item won´t be scored.


        Some examples in the Web, maybe you will think they are interesting. You are right, there are not much in Dictionaries or textbooks of  "rasurar".


They are the nearly invisible clues left behind that can tip off experts about possible cheating on standardized tests: the little erasure marks of an answer changed from wrong to right.


Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/07/dc_schools_cheating_scandal_heats_up.html#ixzz1nLvofnO3
The story involves possible cheating on tests by "erasure corrections," bonuses handed out to those teachers and principals overseeing the testing, and Rhee's feigned innocence about the matter.



Ridgefield Park officials noted the inquiry led to a change in strategy: Teachers will stop telling children that if they are stuck on a question but can narrow their choices to two possible answers, they should lightly fill in both bubbles and then come back later to erase one. District officials said this practice of “double-bubbling” may have led to an unusual amount of erasures of wrong answers.
This explanation was one of the only ones given to account for high numbers of erasures that corrected wrong answers on the 2010 administration of NJ ASK, the annual test of reading and math for children in grades 3 to 8. High rates of wrong-to-right erasures are seen as a tip-off to possible tampering.



Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/07/dc_schools_cheating_scandal_heats_up.html#ixzz1nLvU8MNK
But for now the investigation into the answer sheet erasures continues.


Department officials have emphasized that large numbers of wrong-to-right erasures were not evidence of cheating, but must be scrutinized to ensure the integrity of tests. These scores are used to identify struggling students and see whether schools are meeting federal goals. Recent news reports have revealed cheating scandals nationwide, and some educators have predicted the problem will get worse as tests are increasingly used to evaluate teachers.



M. Pokora has committed a crime punishable by law. The young man confessed to having tampered with his ID card when registering to Popstars.
M. Pokora began his career by cheating. The young man made the revelations during his visit to the show The Happy Years on France 2 on June 25. When registering with Popstars in 2003, the singer has tampered with his identity card. "Yes, at the time, the show Popstars was prohibited under 18. It was through Strasbourg and I was only 17 years within a few months. Then I scratched a number. I am born on 26.09.1985, and I changed the 09 to 05. With a small hand, I scraped and I printed the thing. Like what times you have to know a little upset fate, "says have on France 2.

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