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Data:  03/MAR/2012 12:13 AM
Assunto:  Expressão.

 Some other ways to skin that cat:

"Certainly she/he is feigning disdain only because she/he can´t have it/him etc.''



Pretended disdain for something one does not or cannot have: She said that she and her husband didn't want to join the club anyway, but it was clearly sour grapes.



He who put something down something, it´s because he can´t attain it.

Basically, sour graping is putting something down just because you weren't able to attain it.


He/she/he who disparages this/that because he/she...knows it is unattainable anyway.
Her scorn of (e.g. her sister´s  prettiness) is purely sour grapes (everyone can see that...)
(n) disparagement of something that is unattainable






Who disdains, want to buy.
Translation: Who disdains wants to buy.

Usage: About haggling. About putting down something you want after all.



Disparaging what one cannot obtain, as in The losers' scorn for the award is pure sour grapes.



sour grapes

Categories: dictionary, idiom, Phrase of the Day
(idiom) when someone says negative things about something because they can’t have it.
Example Sentences:
A: Do you like my new car? It’s a Honda Civic.
B: It’s okay.
A: You don’t like it?
B: It’s fine. Whatever.
A: That sounds like sour grapes.
When Marty told Ahmad about his vacation plans to China, Ahmad had sour grapes and told him he didn’t like China.

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