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Autor:  Teacher
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Data:  21/MAR/2012 5:52 AM
Assunto:  Preposições in, on, at
Mensagem:  A diferenciação de uso das preposições "in, on, and at" é muito intuitiva mesmo para os nativos que se guiam pelo padrão do mais utilizado do que por uma regra formal escrita num livro.

O artigo "the" é utilizado para aquilo que é específico.

Kid comes home and asks about Dad, Mom says "he's at the bar". ( he's at the usual bar where goes often ).

Friends get together and say "how about we go to a bar", so they go and now they are at a bar or in a bar ( the same ) - (in the US bars are usually closed, have membership records and have no windows, and the door is always shut; I'd say guys are in a bar or in bars, but at a bar also works fine).

Easy one, they are in a church ( they are inside a church, can be any church, as long as they are in it at the moment of speaking ).

They are at a church ( they belong to a church that I don't know; or they are physically at a church at this moment but I don't mean they are inside the building )

In spoken English natives won't be so attached to these prepositions; speech flows naturally within an standard but there can be variations of grammar usage among natives.

If you go to the beach and lie on the actual sand then you are lying on the beach, not at the beach.

Let's say you went to Santa Monica, California and decide to walk on the beach, then you got back to your office and Monday and you can now tell your friends that you were at the beach.

In the beach could be said of something around a beach town. In the beach club, for example.

in a bar, at the bar, on the beach, in the beach, in a churh, at the church, 

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