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Autor:  Teacher
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/MAR/2012 4:22 AM
Assunto:  English by yourself
Your points are very valid, although I'm kind of skeptical of someone's need to be right.

IMHO one can learn for herself or himself, however not everyone is a self-learner or a go-getter.

I started studying by myself, then I took a complete course because I thought I'd learn more at school than on my own -- I was both right and wrong because I could have learned by myself, but I am talking 25 years ago. At that time only high middle class had VCRs.

I didn't know where to get decent books and I didn't have any mentors who could lead me.

I had the great blessing of hanging around with American missionaries, that made a huge difference on how I learned English.

I persisted on my English course because I thought that to teach I would be required to display a diploma, but matter of fact I never needed it.

I don't regret the fact that I stayed at a language school for 3 and a half years; I grew and developed myself in different ways.

Not everyone is an island.

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