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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/ABR/2012 10:01 AM
Assunto:  Livros em inglês e português

   The  other day I found a site wich had news items in English-Portuguese, but I don´t

recall right now, as I don´t have much time these days; I am about to move from this city

so I am a guy on the go...anyway I will let you this one (for the time being)




    Well, about books, I am afraid it´s not available easily, but there are English versions of books of Machado de Assis, Paulo Coelho and other Brazilians authors in English. You may find them in bookstores everywhre (or buy them in sites like Amazon, Submarino, or sites of the bookstores themselves - Cultura, Nobel etc.)

      The English version you pay and the Brazilian one you can get into the second-hand stores, it´s a way of being less expensive.

     If it fits in your pocket, you can have both versions in the bookstores everywhere, plus there are plenty of English authors with books/novels etc in both languages. 



    Now a piece of advice, it´s way better to read and understand what you are reading,

and there are plenty of devices and tools for that matter. 

    For example, you may enter an English site (or any site in English) and use the Google translator tool.     Not a perfect tranlation but you always have the option to get here (and in other educational sites) and clear up possible doubt that come up in your reading.

     Other way is to get into "Vestibular/concursos" sites and see the English part and try figure out yourself the translation in a given test.   I don´t mean offense, but when we challenge our mind and make a discover or answer, it comes with a feeling  of fulfillment, it´s what they call it a "Eureka moment" or something like that!

     See you again, and hope it have somehow helped.  And good luck in your quest, anyway if you find, please let´s us posted.

     Let´s wait more comments on the matter.

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