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Autor:  CRS
E-mail:  crs.0022@bol.com.br
Data:  07/ABR/2012 6:01 PM
Assunto:  Revisão e Restituição

I like to listen to Radio CBN from São Paulo on the internet to help me keep my Portuguese up to date.


I recently heard two words that made me think of their possible equivalent in English and they both sound to me like “false friends”.


In some automobile commercial they talk about doing periodic “revisões” in your car.  In English the word here would be “maintenance”, like change of oil, front end lubrication, tune up, etc.  The word “revision” is a fine word but would not apply here.


In a bank commercial there is reference to “restituição” of your income tax (imposto de renda).  Again what would fit here is the word “refund” referring to a return to you of the extra tax that you may have paid during the year.  “Restitution” implies a full return of what was taken from you, like when you get your car back after it had been stolen; you would not talk about income tax restitution.  Am I missing something here about “restituição do imposto de renda”?


Just a thought or two.


Be well.



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