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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  31/MAI/2012 12:29 AM
Assunto:  If I can´t come these days...I´ll miss you and E

    As I said, I am in an hectic pace these days.  I had plenty of work to do, to bring the butter home and, at the same time my wife got sick, and it´s a bit serious.    I had to get her to Recife and back, the doctors referred her to other hospital in Rio.

    So, she is flying to Rio next Monday and it´s going to overdo some major surgery, then I have to fly too (flying is not my cup of tea...but it´s for a good cause!)

    In the middle of all that (or on the top of all that, take you pick), I slightly rear-bumped a girl´s car in this city.     This way I going to have a brand new expense, the fixing of her car.

    The irony of all this, is that the girl was going to pass into the yellow-turning-red light.

    As she saw a group of fifty or more bikers were going to pass, she decided against crossing, obviously.   Only that she reversed gear and came back all the way to me, I found the break, but too late...it sustained a little crack in her little toy (strike one).

     Next, come the traffic cops, while I am fumbling for the car documents, they chat  

as if they are old acquaintances, they take her (certainly concocted) version and she goes to a party.     Then they take mine (trying to put words in my mouth...it´s everything I needed at this juncture, huh?), the guy ignore her car right on the marks of the zebra crossing  - I had forgotten my photographic camera - strike two.

     Later, I discover, the girl is daughter of a lawyer that works for the State Government and among some friends of her, the son of the governor, wow!    Her mother is a civil servant with the state.  strike three... 

     In a city of 700,000+ inhabitants, it had to be her!

     The report is to be known tomorrow (by me), but the girl calls me (last Monday) and says she knows the result already, guess what? I will leave it to your imagination, he he.

     By our legislation he who hit other car in the rear is the culprit, it says nothing about the other car coming in reverse into your direction, simple like this!

      Anyway, I am happy that she decided against running the red light at the eleventh hour...if so, she would play bowling with the bikers and it would be way more tragic. 

      Well, I will come to the Forum as always I can, I will miss you all.  I will try to, come rain or high waters...

      And wish me luck, and to my loved ones, see you the soonest.




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