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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  02/JUN/2012 10:34 PM
Assunto:  Mispronunciation: Laziness?

    Hmm, food for tought indeed.

    Indeed in any language there will be the bad at pronounciation (or good at mispronunciation, as you will).  They are among us since the Dinosaurs roamed the earth.

     In the first place, people at the lower rungs of the social ladder are prone to have a lower level of English (and therefore of pronounce).    Many times it´s not their fault, somebody working each and every day, 24x7, will make more mistakes than the

educated one (that have more time devoted to study, I mean).

    A guy (or gal) with heavy debts or utility bills to pay is more prone to forget the minutes of language as well.

     Other factor could be that his teacher might have been indulgent towards him, because he/she knows what his mistakes are (in the case the flaws of the Jamaicans; in case he would be a Brazilian would have a specific set of flaws of the Brazilian student), as described into this site:


   Do not make this mistake! You have to remember that:
   Your teacher has been listening to bad English for years. He or she can understand it much more easily than the average person.
   Other students are usually from the same country as you. Therefore, they speak English like you and they make the same mistakes. So it is easy for them to understand you.
    The only true test is: Go to America or Britain and try to talk to “normal people” — a clerk at a supermarket, a bus driver, etc. If they can understand you, then you can say that you can communicate in English.



       And there are people that simply don´t have the learning skills of others, they miss the nuances, the minutes of pronounce, spell and others necessary skills. 

       And there is the lack of effort, pure and simple, yeah, there are people that don´t

try enough.   Many of them think that if they can get by, the other party is the one to make sense of their words.

       And yes, when we are bone-tired our learning/thinking/judgement capacity decreases.   This way, after a long day toiling and you being exhausted, it´s almost expected that you make a bad chosing of words in a document.   Or that you discover that you forgot the lights on, after having locked the office.   If you work

in auto repairs, it´s more prone to let the car go with some (or all) tire screws loose! or you making a stop by the bakery (in a slope) and forgetting to put the emergency break down...

        All that is more usual at the end of the day than at the morning.   Provided that you are not late to go to work!
         There will be others factors in play, but the ones that immediatelly popped up into my head are these ones.


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