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Autor:  Jefferson
E-mail:  jeffersonlsz@gmail.com
Data:  29/JUL/2012 3:55 PM
Assunto:  Help in translation about the Queen
Mensagem:  Hi people ! 

I'm writing this post to ask for help in a sentence translation. I've watched the Olympic Opening ceremony few hours ago, and I would like to make a comment about the event. The sentence that I would like to perfectly write in English is the follow:

Este vídeo mostra que a Rainha Elizabeth é imortal. Eu aposto que o Príncipe Charles morrerá antes dela. E não duvido que isso se aplique a mim também, e olha que eu tenho apenas 21 anos !

OMG ! This video only confirms the queen's imortality. I would put my fingers that prince Charle will die even before his mother ! By the way, it could be applied for me too, despite the fact I'm only 21 !

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 Help in translation about the Queen  –  Jefferson  29/JUL/2012, 3:55 PM

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