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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  16/AGO/2012 1:42 PM
Assunto:  Let me start over

accentuate [ak-sen-choo-eyt] Show IPA
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: focus attention on
Synonyms: accent, bring attention to, call attention to , draw attention to, emphasize, feature, give prominence to, highlight, point up, spotlight, stress, underline, underscore
Antonyms: divert attention from, mask
Main Entry: mention
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: refer to
Synonyms: acknowledge, acquaint, adduce, advert, allude to, bring up, broach, call attention to , cite, communicate, declare, designate, detail, disclose, discuss, divulge, enumerate, hint at, impart, infer, instance, intimate, introduce, make known, name, notice, notify, observe, point out, point to, quote, recount, remark, report, reveal, speak about, speak of, specify, state, suggest, tell, throw out, touch on
Main Entry: play up
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: emphasize
Synonyms: accentuate, bring to the fore, call attention to , feature, highlight, italicize, magnify, make a production of, point up, stress, turn spotlight on, underline, underscore
Antonyms: deemphasize, play down, underrate, undervalue
Main Entry: promote
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: help, advance
Synonyms: advertise, advocate, aid, assist, avail, back, befriend, benefit, bolster, boost, build up*, call attention to , champion, contribute, cooperate, cry*, develop, encourage, endorse, espouse, forward, foster, further, get behind, hype*, improve, nourish, nurture, patronize, plug*, popularize, propagandize, publicize, puff, push, push for, recommend, sell, serve, speak for, speed, sponsor, stimulate, subsidize, succor, support, uphold, urge, work for
Antonyms: condemn, discredit, dishonor, hurt
Main Entry: underline
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: emphasize; mark
Synonyms: accentuate, bracket, call attention to , caption, check off, draw attention to, feature, give emphasis, highlight, indicate, interlineate, italicize, play up, point to, point up, rule, stress, underscore
Main Entry: underscore
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: underline, emphasize
Synonyms: accent, accentuate, call attention to , caption, draw attention to, feature, give emphasis, highlight, indicate, italicize, mark, point to, stress

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