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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  07/SET/2012 12:12 AM
Assunto:  dar intimidade
Mensagem:  I am almost died laughing watching the video clip!  Hilarious!  But...true.

In the San Bernardino mountains of California, I could not park at my house when it snowed.  If I did, I could not get to the highway for days.  And the snowplow only came down my road when the weather got better.  Who needs a snowplow when the weather gets better?!?!?!   So I always tried to park above me on a road that more or less level, was plowed every day or two, and could take me to a highway.  I often took groceries from the vehicle to the house on a sled.

One winter I dug out a place for my car on the road above me.  Almost the second the work was done, a snowplow appeared and filled in the hole again. 

One of the first things I heard in the mountains was a man telling a friend. "I can always tell if someone is new to the mountains.  He still thinks the snow is pretty."  That sounded very negative to me.  However, after years of shoveling snow, I began to agree with him.  Snow is like having a visit from your mother-in-law.  The first or second time and the first day or two are fine.  After that...things get ugly!

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