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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/OUT/2012 6:05 PM
Assunto:  Hard-nosed market...
Mensagem:        Renan, my buddy, it seems like you used Google Translator or other translator/dictionary program.    Believe me, they may deliver awkward sentence or sloppy translations; other times they give non-natural ones or even they get it right sometimes! 
       Once, I read a translation made by a translator a friend of mine handed me, I recall a certain passage it did read "Memória Ram" translated into... ''Memória Carneiro"!
       Nowadays, some translators come with a option what kind of lingo you are into, to my friend that is a computer-savvy all it would take is to swap to Technology/Computers or something like that.

       Now to the case in point, "Seed Capital" like Dale pointed out in his message is the initial capital, so in Portuguese you can translate into "Capital Inicial".

     The "Michaelis - Dicionário de Negócios (inglês-português) in this entry, goes:
      SEED CAPITAL - Capital de investimento, dinheiro investido quando um novo projeto está sendo iniciado, antes de ele ser levado ao mercado de ações.    Also - seed money, seed corn (all of them - capital de investimento, capital inicial)

      You can see for yourself some translations on context, at 

     Of course, they use "capital-semente" in Portugal, and "capital de arranque", and more often than not, on contrast to "leverage capital".
     I mean, the seed capital usually is your own, whereas the leverage capital is the one you take from third parties.

     I hope it somehow helps.

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