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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/OUT/2012 8:53 PM
Assunto:  Hard-nosed market...
Mensagem:        CRS
     Yup I had known Wordnik of before, I am glad that you like it.    I also knew Linguee, Reverso, Bab.la,  YourDictionary.com, Howjsay, WordReference, Michaelis (for English and Portuguese), Aulete Online (for English and Portuguese) as well, to name a few.
       I appreciate you sharing and helping out others; my intent was just to make a little correction, not to dismiss your answer.  You know, sometimes in written we may seem kinda patronizing, it is not the case (but I may make a bad choice of words here and there), don´t get me wrong; please.      Sometimes we are almost there, but not quite. It´s natural and happens to me as well, all the time.

        Don´t ever think you bringing me gifts you are going to be the teacher´s pet (aluno favorito), he he.
        Now it´s serious.   I make mine your words; teachers always deserve recognition, they lay the corner stone of our knowledge.    Teaching is a beautiful and demanding vocation, challenging and rewarding, interacting and lonesome in some respects, and it´s the foundation to the others professions, if we come to think of it.
         Though I am not a teacher by trade, but simply a learner in the basic levels as of now, I am at heart.     I like to share knowledge, to use words as a tool, and see people make progress.
        And I sympathize with the ones that are in their uphill battle for knowledge (struggling with the basics, in English or any other subject in life). 
        And as an upside,  by helping others out, I learn a lot in the process.
        Thank Godness for the teachers and professors that crossed my path, and in many ways everyone that taught/tutored me, my parents, bosses, friends, and everyone that cared to pass some handy information on.
        By the way, October 15th is our Teacher´s Day, in the U.S. it took place on Twesday  May, 8   (it´s a movable holiday there).     However, it´s not too late to praise their efforts to help pupils to achieve success and fulfilling, let´s give them some social recognition.
        Not only in their day, but anytime, even interacting with them and helping our kids with homework (but not making it wholly, kinda teaching discipline in reverse!)
        By spoiling our children, we are the next victim!
        Congratulations to you all that have brought your questions, and to the EMB colaborators/volunteers as well.       


Year     Teacher Appreciation Week     Teacher Appreciation Day
2012     May 7 - May 11     Tuesday, May 8
2013     May 6 - May 10     Tuesday, May 7
2014     May 5 - May 9     Tuesday, May 6
2015     May 4 - May 8     Tuesday, May 5


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