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Autor:  Renan
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Data:  17/OUT/2012 8:06 PM
Assunto:  Auxiliares e Modais Auxilliares.
Mensagem:  Excelentes respostas do Sid , do PPAULO e do Teacher.
Deixa resumir: (Fazendo isso também estou aprendendo)

The so-called adverbs of frequency are usually placed as follows:

1. Before the main verb if it is in the present or past tense:
    I almost hurt my leg. He seldom smiles.
2. After the present and past tense forms of to be:
    He is always late.
3. After the defective/modal auxiliaries (can, could; will, would; shall, should; may, might; must; ought):
    He would never have done it. He may always have known it.
4. After the perfect auxiliaries (have, has; had):
    He has never been told the truth. They had often said something.
5. After not: They do not/don't always know the right answer.
    I have not/haven't always liked her.
6. In questions, after the subject:
    Does he always know the right answer?

If you have a verb phrase with multiple verbs, the frequency adverb goes after the first verb in the series.
would be seen - three verbs > would often be seen; would never be seen; would always be seen; would frequently be seen
should have been found - four verbs > should always have been found; should usually have been found; ...


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