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Autor:  Sidney
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/OUT/2012 7:40 PM
Assunto:  going
Mensagem:  Hi guys,

PPaulo I dont see nothing wrong with your sentences. However, written language and spoken language are somehow different.

For me, personally, I can't see myself saying among my friends or coworker such a phrase. I can´t afford going out [as] much because my spending/life style has caught up on me. Or All this spending of late has really caught up on me, so I decided I am going out less these days

I always tell people to keep it simple. I would rather just say "I can't go out that often I need to save some money".

The way conversation occurs with people cutting you off all the time sometimes we barely have the chance to complete a sentence.

Like have you ever saw teenagers coming from school and talking?

Speaker A: "shit so tired..."
Speaker B: "doing what...[pause] stopping playing"
Speaker C: "playing what...ps3? loser" at the same time "speaker A "shut up"
Another guy join them Speaker D"hey whats up?"
Speaker B: "ahhh...you know" 
Speaker D: "fuckkk I know..." 

See? I doesn't make much sense but they know what's happening. That's where body language also comes in to play. So my point is, not always the well thought and well written sentence will come handy. I have a student girl working with me here, she's 21 you wouldn't believe how fast she talks and all the mistakes she makes. Yet, able to communicate right? P.S. She is a native.

Sorry for going on and on just something to think about.
Language is dynamic, we can't put it in a box and use it.


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