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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  30/OUT/2012 12:18 AM
Assunto:  up close_ with
Mensagem:  up close
2. Exhibiting or providing detailed information or firsthand knowledge


    showing or allowing considerable detail: an up-close look at a panorama of products and services.

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phr. intimately; more intimately than one might have wished for. (Colloq. The phrase has been the title of a movie and the name of a television show.)  When my trunks slipped down, she got to know me a little more up close and personal that we were ready for at that moment.

      Examples, not necessarily definition, meant to "feel" that it may suggest different things, it might be "de perto/mais perto (quando a definição é melhor)" at closer inspection etc etc.   Or it might be "íntimo" in second case "fazendo amizade com o corvo", "se tornando um amiguinhos do corvo/fazendo amizade com o amiguinho corvo".


    a person who looks good from afar, but not good up close. That is, rating attractiveness on a scale of 0 to 10, they are a "10" from afar, and a "4" up close.


Up Close with Ravens Mascots Rise and Conquer
    Up close, suggests an element of surprise or that is not something normal, easy
or effortless to get.
     It´s  getting closer in a way that, otherwise wouldn´t almost impossible.   It also may be replaced (in some contexts) with getting Getting you up close and personal with subjects that are far away (in a literal way or in a figurative one.)

Let's simplify further: you're taking a photo of a kitten. You use a lens with a short focal length because you can sit right next to the kitten.

Now you're taking a photo of a Bengal tiger in the wild. Do you want to sit as close as you did to the kitten?

Unless you are a real thrill seeker, the answer is probably no.

For those of us who don't like to live on the edge, a lens with a long focal length will get us up close and personal with that tiger even if we keep our distance.

American Heritage Dictionary:
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    Being at very close range: provided up-close views of rare fish.
    Exhibiting or providing detailed information or firsthand knowledge: "up-close glimpses of the big money, big deals, and big decisions of America's entrepreneurial giants" (Harvard Business Review).


Up Close with Diana Williams
          Here it has no especial meaning, Up close is a TV show and "with Diana Williams" just means that Diana Williams is the presenter.

     ....We got the chance to speak with the blonde beauty up close and personal to talk about her new gig with Fox, what she loves most about football, and the fitness secrets she can’t live without.

   Now it might that the interviewer/jornalist/reporter has first hand knowledge, that he got details that otherwise nobody would get, or that he deems himself a "close friend" that can take liberties and ask whatever questions he wishes (or at least he pretends it).
    Or it might be all these definitions rolled in one here...

    Well, without much context given, is hard to say.     What I can say is that certainly is that what you wanted to know is the term "up close" joined to "with" in a sentence.

    Hope it helps.

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