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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  02/NOV/2012 2:21 PM
Assunto:  I or me..continued (sorta)
Mensagem:     To "Outro Visitante": in English (save if I got it wrong...)
   It is - It´s the equivalent to the subject.
   Me - It´s the predicate noun.

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Disputed pronoun forms

    While no strong arguments other than widespread acceptance are made for the use of colloquial it is me (it is him, he is taller than him, etc.) in written speech in Joseph Crayton's works, other grammarians, among whom were Baker (1770), Campbell (1776), and Lindley Murray (1795), give the reason why the first person pronoun must be I rather than me: it is a nominative that is equivalent to the subject, and as such they prove that it must always be in the nominative (subjective) case. These three partisans of the nominative case, Baker, Campbell, and Murray, were the commentators whose preachments were accepted as gospel by the schoolmasters.[2]

This argument for it is I is based on the model of Latin, where the complement of the finite copula is always in the nominative case (and where, unlike English, nominative and accusative are distinguished morphologically in all nominal parts of speech and not just in pronouns).[3] The situation in English may, however, also be compared with French, where the historical accusative form moi functions as a so-called disjunctive pronoun, and appears as a subject complement (c'est moi, 'it is me'). Similarly, the clitic accusative form can serve as a subject complement as well as a direct object (il l'est 'he is [that/it]', cf. il l'aime 'he loves it').

Question    Which is better? It is me, or it is I? Also, that is I, or that is me?
Source & Date
of Question    Marshalltown, Iowa
13 May 1998
Response    In formal writing, use the predicate nominative form -- "I." In speech and casual writing or fiction, use "It is me" and "that is me." Eventually, this rule will relax to the point that "It is me" will be acceptable in formal, academic prose, but it will still cause grief today among some instructors and bosses who had Mrs. Hyde in eighth-grade English.


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