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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/NOV/2012 10:27 PM
Assunto:  Fundo fixo de renda.
Mensagem:      Spot on Renan.
    Yet, it seems like there are some differences sometimes when they are talking about "Investimento de renda fixa, títulos de renda fixa.''  anyway, most of the times you can translate it as fixed income fund.

     This item tell about the low interests that comes in the US these days, and it has the information that there are an equivalent to our CDB.

    Yes, it is called CD (certificate deposit)


"Não sei se os mesmos se correspondem no que diz respeito a riscos.

Fixed Income Fund
A fund that invests solely in fixed income investments, such as bonds or certificates of deposit. These funds are dependable and limit the amount of risk an investor takes on, although it could mean a lesser return that would be possible in a more risky fund.

      To me, it depends on the bank you invest and what kind of investor you are (there are investment baskets to all kinds of pockets, tastes, investor profile...) sometimes these baskets are composed even by shares of companies! so it´s up to the investor the ammount of risk he is going to take (the more riskier the more profitable....but...)
        Granted, if the bank goes bankrupt you will be in the line for your money back, but then the first ones will be the workers, then the supplier of services, etc...you will be low in the peck order.

Fundo de Renda Fixa
Como todos os fundos de investimento, expõem os investidores a uma variedade de riscos, incluindo perda de principal

    (As I said, it´s rare case you have total loss, for the cause above mentioned. Unless the bank goes bankrupt.  This happened in Brazil and the CDB guys were worried and in a long long queue)

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