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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  07/NOV/2012 1:15 AM
Assunto:  Heavy or hard rain
Mensagem:      Significa chover à cantaros, chover muiiito.  (to rain a lot...), so in many a context it is the same as "heavy rain - rain heavily"


[intransitive] Sound effect: rain if it rains, water falls in drops from clouds in the sky

Just as we were leaving home it started to rain.
rain heavily/hard (=to rain a lot):

It had been raining heavily all day.
Thesaurus entry for this meaning of  rainThesaurus entry for this meaning of rain

   I often have seen hard rain with a negative bias, I would translate the following tittle as "muita chuva" or "chuva pesada''.  Something like that.

Hard Rain
 She says multiple factors made Irene into a monster.

Topography played a huge role, she says, as the storm parked itself between two mountain ranges — the Adirondacks and Green Mountains — and dumped rain incessantly for several hours.

Again, the word "suggests"  too much rain, and the negative effect...
once again I would translate it into "muita chuva", "chuvas fortes" or "um toró" et cetera.   Well, these three words have slight different "gradients" of raining...but would do, in different contexts, obviuosly.


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Here, not a negative context, but notice that to make water pool in the desert it have to be a lot of rain!  hard rain also might be found in some places as "pouring rain", and you can find definitions as equivalent to "rainning cats and dogs".

The Piestewa family resided in a trailer park in Tuba City, a town located on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Coconino County.[10] As a child, she was given the Hopi name Qötsa-Hon-Mana (Hopi pronunciation: [ˈḵøt͡sa ˈhon ˈmana], White Bear Girl).[7] Her surname is derived from a Hopi language root meaning "water pooled on the desert by a hard rain"; thus, Piestewa (Hopi: [piˈɛstɛwa]) translates loosely as "the people who live by the water."

    It is not used so often as "heavy rain", tough.

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