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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  13/JAN/2013 12:52 AM
Assunto:  versão part 2...continued.
Mensagem:     continued...  (sorry for not having put the "to be continued" in the previous thread, hehe.

     I tinkered with your text a bit, I must admit.    Indeed it wasn´t supposed to be
a translation, but a version of mine.
    Plus, my English isn´t that good, I might be on the other side of the counter! that is, I am a leaner just like you.      Anyway, it is meant to offer a general idea from wich you or others could widen or shorten, comment, edit, etc.

     I noticed you are more ''talkative'' from the previous year to the current one, than you were in 2005 (just one message that year, if memory serves me well.)
     Perhaps you are taking some English course? just out of curiosity!

     Many great people came to your life, and they have been part of it.    You, equally, have had no small part in theirs and in our lives too.    
      In fact, nobody is an island; we learn from each other.  And  from virtually everyone that cross our paths, exchange experiences, we learn even from people that give us a hard  time and have others point of views.
       Your professors/teachers, counselors, friends, girlfriends and people to whom you have had some interaction in this time where all part of this "whole" self; so were your family.
       You, of all people, know well the origins of your maternal family (your family on your mother´s part): the struggle of northeastern migrants in Brazil .   
     Well, imagine how happy and proud of you we are (right now).  Thanks for  giving us the pleasure [the honor, in  a more formal way]   of having a [or one more] graduated person/a PhD holder in the family.   Congratulations, Dr. Marco Antônio Santos Peixoto.

   *graduated - se bacharel     *PhD holder - se fez doutorado (pós-graduado).

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