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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/JAN/2013 2:05 AM
Assunto:  Versão última parte.
Mensagem:  Hi Mada and buddies from EMB.
   First of all, I think everyone is proud of you too, Mada.
In fact being a mother is, usually, at children´ back and call.  It´s answering the calling, to be proud of one´s offspring even  before having known him.
In fact, its indescribable the joy of giving a child the first puree, of mashing the first potato to him, to take a toddler by the hand and patiently help him to walk.
What about the sparkle in their eyes, taking in the world? or smiling while they are sleeping?
It´s tiresome too; not so romantic to get into the trenches of waking them up, raising them, make them ready and get them to school (including having their shoelaces tied properly).  Most of the times, they do everything reluctantly at this time.
And after a long long day of temper tantrums, questions, restless activity, playing, and all that jazz, they don´t want go to bed.
But then, time flies, and they turn into grown ups (with full fledged colourful wings), and they need to leave the nest.
I am sure your mind occupies itself with him, with a mixed feeling, that of knowing he is well, succesful and healthy and that of worrying about how he act when times get rough.
I got the impression you raised a well-rounded, independent, accomplished and productive, so be proud! and you are a strong and affectionate (to say the least) mother.  Sounds like there´s a nice mommy-child attachment.
Well, now both of you celebrate this well-deserved achievement of you and yes, be thankful to the ones that supported him. I got moved!
Somewhat I am glad that you shared that with us (and I felt worried that you -seemegly - posted personal details, but fortunately not much!)

I am glad that somehow I could answer some question, even tough my skills weren´t up to the expectation, as yet.  And believe me, I myself would be happier if I had put out a more natural text.  With the insights of a native, even of a higher learner would suffice (Sidney overstimate me...hee hee)
I must admit that it will took some more learning, it´s a long journey, but we will get there.  It´s a matter of time.
Sorry for being so late, I had plenty on my plate today, my life took a turn to the hectic side...it´s up side down.    Anyway, I am happy for coming, and for your great news.
Have a great day!

Sidney, hang on, your time to get the award is coming, eh? some time now you will be just like Oiroso (Marcio) in Recife.
The guy lives in that Acalantis building, does some joggin in the nearby Boa Viagem beach, then the remaining of the day is just to maxing and relaxing.

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