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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/JAN/2013 12:12 AM
Assunto:  To Sidney.
Mensagem:     Glad that you came, guys.
   Oiroso, neither do I, altough I wish to commence some physical activity this rainy summer (rainy in recent days, it was quite scorching hot till recently) don´t let me think of jogging or doing any type of exercise or calisthenics, he he.     Lame excuse, but I might offer some, huh? anyway, I hope you are well  and healthy.
    I just read in Folha de Pernambuco that they are dredging the Capibaribe river, beggining from Casa Forte neighbouhood.      So, a swath of 17 km of it is going to be dredged and will bring sailing conditions to it, next they will set up a ferry or boat transportation system that will consist of a dozen boats and several fluvial stations.
    This way, Casa Forte will be connected to Tacaruna (in Olinda).  A ballpark figure is that about 335 thousand people will be transported every month.
     Here (in Rio) it rains a lot, from the afternoon onwards, the temperature was about 28 C (83 F), however it feels 16 C or so.  Today I had to go out and had to buy an umbrella, it seemed like everyone had the very same idea, and I had to navigate the streets with it going up and down all the time to avoid the oncoming ones.   Summer rains.
     Sidney, hang on there, it will worth it in the future.  One has to leave his comfort zone sometimes, ces´t la vie (that´s life).   It´s a trade-off, we get far from family for awhile and  study, and then we can bring them the bread and butter.     
     Nobody´s saying it´s easy, tough.

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