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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  19/JAN/2013 9:12 AM
Assunto:  gerúndio
Mensagem:  I know why it struck you as grammatically weird, Alef.
Stative verbs don´t take an ING form when used in present continuous.
But currently they have it used as such in an slangy way, that´s why you can see the McDonald´s hot air balloon with the novelty and trucker hats being sold with the phrase.
In school benches don´t use it, at least under the watch of your grammar teacher.

Some stative(or state) verbs. [as opposed to dynamic verbs]

know, understand, believe, like, decide, seem, hate, want


There are regular and irregular stative verbs. But when they are used to show a particular state they do not take the -ing form.

For Example:

  • I like ice cream. (Never "I am liking...")
  • I know a lot of English words. (Never "I am knowing...")

However, some verbs can be used to show an action or a state.

For Example:

  • I think English is easy. = It is my opinion.
  • I'm thinking of joining a new course. = I am considering it.



Tuesday September 18, 2012

Dealing with 'stative verbs'



Is the phrase, “She is tasting your curry” an example of grammatically incorrect Indian English?

My column in this week’s Mind Our English deals with “verbs of state”. No, these are not government or royal verbs, as may be suggested by the analogy with “matters of state” (government matters) or “a state banquet” (a grand dinner hosted by a monarch or president).

They are actually called “state verbs” or “stative verbs”, because unlike most verbs, they express a state or condition, while other verbs (sometimes referred to as “dynamic verbs”) express actions, activities, events or processes.

Among the stative verbs are: be, believe, belong, contain, exist, feel, forget, have, hear, hope, know, lack, like, love, mean, own, prefer, reach, realise. remember, resemble, see, seem, smell, taste, understand and want.


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