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Autor:  Ricardo - EMB -
E-mail:  emb@sk.com.br
Data:  23/JAN/2003 2:50 PM
Assunto:  Re: And what about the word God?
Mensagem:  English "God" and German "Gott" derived from prehistoric Germanic word "guth", whose origin is Indo-European "ghau", meaning 'call upon, invoke'; hence 'the one invoked, the deity'. The word "God" is related only to "good bye" (compressed from 'God be by ye'), but not to "good", which comes from Indo-European "ghedh", meaning 'join, fit, going well together'.

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And what about the word God?  –  José Roberto  22/JAN/2003, 9:21 PM
 Re: And what about the word God?  –  Ricardo - EMB -  23/JAN/2003, 2:50 PM

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