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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  03/MAR/2013 1:40 AM
Assunto:  public college in US
Mensagem:  Teacher gave a very good answer.  Most students look forward to leaving home and living near a university.  It is seen as part of the rite of growing up, a first step toward independence.

Many students in the USA study and work.  This is highly respected and admired.  I "worked my way through college".  My family had a very modest income, and did not help me financially.  I worked and earned every cent I paid for tuition, books, etc. as well as my room and board.

My son wanted to study medicine in the USA.  The expenses were horrendous.  He was accepted by two universities in Costa Rica, and graduated a few months ago.  He achieved his dream here, but he would never have achieved it in the US.

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