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Autor:  Teacher
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Data:  30/JUN/2013 7:59 PM
Assunto:  Interior de um estado
Mensagem:  As you have mentioned, it is difficult to translate "interior" from Port. to Eng. because "interior" means "remote" for Brazilians.

In Brazil  the state capital cities are main hubs of development and opportunities, so when we say "interior" we mean "far from the main hub" or "a less developed region".

A word in English that used to be close to the meaning of "remote" is "upstate". However, nowadays in the US, small towns where there are around 50,000 people and above have pretty much all the services and conveniences one would only find in a big city, such as large chain stores, banks, hospitals, hotels, etc.

A good idea would be to include a translator's note to explain what you mean by "interior" from a Brazilian point of view.

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