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Autor:  Katiana
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/SET/2013 9:41 AM
Assunto:  Feedback do TOEFL (Sid)
Mensagem:  Hi Jazz,

Since you don't remember that means you didn't realize that sounds to me as mocking . When I was confused trying to get understand the options of a multiple choice question I was trapped with question tag and nobody showed the mistake, some time after I find myself the error , which was so basic and silly, you came out with "Já era hora... não?" . At that moment, I was so anxious because some sentences I couldn't find the mistake , most of all because my mind was tired for spending nights and nights studying that your reaction  sounds rude to me , your comment sounds  that I was questioning sth that was clear , it was verb to be, the first grammar point in English we learn , how come someone intend to take the TOefl  was making that silly questions ?
But when I calmed  down , I could realized that you were right, It was time to stop, take a rest  and organize thoughts , if not, I would failed even on the easiest questions . So, this comment helped me to  spend my studying time properly.
That's why I thank you for this comment and I appreciate all your time taken answering my and others people's questions here, I could learn a lot.

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