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Autor:  Thomas / USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  11/NOV/2013 2:09 PM
Assunto:  Willing victim
Mensagem:  A "willing victim" is someone who participates in something fully knowing and understanding that it may not appear to be beneficial to him.

When you see an older man with a young girlfriend/wife, is he a victim?  Possibly.  She may be more interested in his money than in the relationship.  But is he a victim?  Possibly.  Some older men would say they are "willing victims" because they enjoy the relationship.  Of course, the relationship could also be based on love and a lot of other things. 

I am making soup.  I ask if anyone wants to taste it.  You tell me, "I will be your willing victim."  The idea is that the soup may be terrible, but you are willing to try it.  

People volunteer to try a new medication.  The medicine harms them.  They were victims, but they were "willing victim".

Got it?

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