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Autor:  Monique
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/NOV/2013 11:48 AM
Assunto:  Dale ou outros
Mensagem:  You are right being with a family, you would practice English much more and will not be alone.
 The problem is with the immigration control , my son went last month to the US to spend vocation, visit Disney parks  and shop for cheap goods , he was invited  to be at a friend's place he met at previous trip to  California.  It was too difficult to explain to the immigration officer that he was just intended to spent 20 days and came back . They asked a lot of questions , he was sent to a room at the airport and spent 8 hours there before being released, the officers keeping repeating the questions every hour. They also called to the American friend three times asking questions about my son to see if he would give the same information, things like if he has a job and so on, it was a hell.
I think to avoid trouble it would be better you choose at least one hostel or similar, keep the address just to show the officer that your intentions is only to spend some time as a tourist and you  don't know anybody there , otherwise you face the troubles like my son and he was luck to be released, maybe because he has a public job in BR.

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