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Autor:  Dale Thomas / USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  30/JUN/2014 9:20 PM
Assunto:  tradução de algumas frases
Mensagem:  I won't embarrass myself by translating into Portuguese today.

You got it.
seria algo como: (Você manda.) ou (é isso ai!) ou (você conseguiu!)
I understand and I will obey.
I will do whatever you ask.
Consider it done.

Go right on through, sir. Looks like you're in the barrel today.
seria algo como: (Entre, senhor. Parece que hoje é seu dia de fazer este tipo de serviço.)
I agree with your translation, but (1) this should not be said to ladies, customers, etc.  Male co-workers, fine.  (2) You are telling someone it is his turn/day to do something very distasteful and disgustiing.'

Have you been able to get the beverage machine to work yet?
Have you fixed the problem with the machine?  Is it working?

Do you think we should delay for another recalibration?
Do you think we should stop usiing the machine until it is recalibrated?

I certainly hope those backup fusion shunts are in good shape today.
This is jargon, and I would need more context.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to get some pure readings for a change?
More context needed.

You’ll just have to wait until after the test.
More context needed.  It could mean you cannot use a machine until a test, that you should not worry until you know what the results of a test are, etc.

This should shake up those grand unification boys, hm?
More context needed.

(uselessPhD) Fat lot of good that Ph.D. does me now, hm?
The speaker has a Ph.D. in something that is completely unrelated to a problem he is facing.

detalhe: essas frases são do jogo half life 1


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