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Autor:  Priscila
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/MAI/2004 10:03 PM
Assunto:  Alaska
Mensagem:  Is there anybody in the group that is or has been to Alaska? I'm a geography student and I am fascinated by zero degree and below temperatures. I've been in summer months in Chile and even though it was summer in South America I could still see huge blocks of ice that were detached from icebergs, and they had a bluish tone of color. That's why I am really fascinated in going to Alaska, I know I could go to the border between Alaska and Russia. If any of you has info about alaska, such as websites, jobs, and the like please let me know. I really wanna go there.

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 Alaska  –  Priscila  07/MAI/2004, 10:03 PM

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