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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/AGO/2014 1:17 AM
Assunto:  deitado
Mensagem:  Thanks Dale!!! You're nice!!! I just work really hard at it.

Minha dúvida é como dizer FICAR DEITADO NO CHÃO

I think you can say "to stay lying on the floor".

"stay lying on the floor" = 85,700 results on Google
"to stay lying on the floor" = 64,800 results on Google
"stay lying down on the floor" = 6 results on Google
"to stay lying down on the floor"= 4 results on Google

Going back to Ella's question. We need to consider "reductions" that occur in native speech.

The baby can't be lying / ( down ) on the floor.
  (down) on the floor is a prepositional phrase that modifies lying

The baby can't be lying / on the floor.
From merriam-webster.com: to lie, also means to assume a horizontal position —often used with down. 

The baby is already lying on the floor, and that makes the flight attendant give the warning that the baby can't be lying on the floor.

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