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Autor:  Wauber
E-mail:  WauberSantos@hotmail.com
Data:  08/MAI/2004 10:39 PM
Assunto:  Re: translation please
Mensagem:  It depends on the context: Ex.: -"Reserved": "John had a self-contained behavior during the meeting." (John was not talkative; he remained quiet and didn't talk much during the meeting but kept himself in absolute control throughout its length). -"Attached, mounted or combined together" (for instance in machinery). Ex.:"This pump is self-contained." In hydraulics, for instance, a pump and a motor are two distinct parts that can be mounted separately one at a time (but they will work together). However, in this case, both the pump and the motor are mounted together by using a framework, bedplate, etc, making them look as only one. So we say that the pump is SELF-CONTAINED with the motor, or vice-versa. Another word for it would be "Built-in". Sorry, I aint good with examples. Hope it clarifies!

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