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Autor:  Luciano
E-mail:  ZePindoba@aol.com
Data:  09/MAI/2004 11:22 AM
Assunto:  Franklin Electronic Dictionaries
Mensagem:  Hello, Just to share an information: I heard from a friend that a company here in Brazil will be representing Franklin Publishers (US company)and selling eletronic pocket dictionaries. The only thing I know is that one of the models they will be selling will be the SCD 1870 (my friend has one) but I don't know what other models they will be bringing (their e-mail is Brafranklin@Yahoo.com). If someone knows more about it (models, pricing, etc.)and where to find those dicionaries in Brazil, please let me know (I would buy even an used SCD 1870 one). I tried to buy from Amazon.com but the final price is too high since I have to pay 60% taxes through customs + shipping and there's no warranty.

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 English Made in Brazil -- English, Portuguese, & contrastive linguistics
 Franklin Electronic Dictionaries  –  Luciano  09/MAI/2004, 11:22 AM

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