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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/NOV/2014 4:01 PM
Assunto:  Proofreaded -part of it...

Well, nobody wanted to be the first to burn their fingers, so I am the first! he he.

Regard it just as a draft, a preview.  Anyway it may give you a new view of it, and if you like it, you may keep it or parts of it.

I hope that others pick up where I left off, it was a kick-off, as I said.

Ah, I must warn you that I am just a learner, I am no teacher. So, it may overlook some details that more advanced students or teachers may correct.

See you around.

          This research aim/goal is to investigate (I like it better in the active form) the teacher (*professional) formation who works students with special educational needs. Its general purpose is to widen knowledge about training of inclusive education for teachers.

         Its specific goals are : to analyze  teachers ' speech according to  different types of professional  training backgrounds on the matter of inclusion; identify what kind of professional training teachers available (available -perhaps, depends on what you mean) to work with  such students.

    It also aims to understand main characteristics of education geared towards teacher's of the area, at the same time it debates the two-pronged approach of educational styles, that of  the  generalist and the specialist educators.

(OR "that of the generalist vs the specialist educators" - again, depending on context, it may be more to the point.)

*professional could be left out, a formation is always professional. Or at least we assume such a thing.

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