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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/DEZ/2014 10:55 PM
Assunto:  shibboleth
Precisamente isso (o que a Fran acaba de salientar).

      This means that students will be held accountable for deciphering and interpreting meaning from content specific texts. For example, a biology text may include words like carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, autotroph, and heterotroph. If a teacher helps students understand roots such as -ivore or -troph common in science, then students can apply these to decipher new terms.


Still, students grade 6-8 shall (table 1):

read the text closely to determine what the text says explicitily and to make logical inference from it...

To my thinking, that is precisely what happens with the "shibboleth" event here.
It worth noticing that the CCR anchor standards sounds to me as an assessment and overhauling of the students´ skills of today.

Not far from our introduction of ENEM and other recent developments, with faculty exams to prove themselves after having finished their courses, or while finishing them. So, as Fran has pointed out, if we were to take the ENEM we would have to adjust ourselves somehow. 

Fact is, the 6-8 grade student in the States will have some skills and know a lot of words that we don´t know or will have some difficulty with, or won´t instantly make the connections, connect the dots, make the logical inference from the text...

Not that I a faculty student in Brazil, am slow. But that I simply am not used to the usage of that words in a (almost) day-to-day basis. 

And sometimes, there are some of us that even struggle with Portuguese! just saying!

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