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Autor:  Tiago T.
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/JAN/2015 6:34 PM
Assunto:  Is it good?
Mensagem:  A few suggestions:

I work for a very big company and, every other year, we go on a strike to get better benefits to all the working class. What we've perceived to be such a lingering snag throughout all these years, though, is the fact that there seems to be a sort of rift amongst the staff as many fellow workers have been falling failed to participate in it. We pretty much see that as a betrayal once because, after we achieve our goals and improve our overall condition at work, they also benefit from it. Furthermore, those taking the initiative are the only ones penalised when the strike is finished since, most of the times, the company leaders panel decides on discounting the days off of our paychecks.

And a few notes:

- Adverbial clauses are frequently separated by commas to avoid misunderstanding.
- "To go on strike" is a fixed expression, so it's better not to modify it.
- "Such" indicates an extreme situation and is usually followed by a sentence showing the result of this extreme. I'm not sure that applies to your sentence.
- In informal situations, "though" is sometimes spelt "tho". However, the preferred spelling in a format text is "though".
- "Once" is sometimes used to mean "whenever" or "as soon as". But, in your text, "because" seems to be more appropriate.
- In the last clause, the subject is "panel", so the verb should be in the third person singular.

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