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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/JAN/2015 8:55 PM
Assunto:  Translation.
Yeah, it´s been such a long time, perhaps since March 15, 2011? it seems so.
Life has its ups and downs, so has the learning as well, we must try to maximize the ups, though. If and when we can.  
That´s why the path is so wonderful, if there were only pleasure, calmness, fun and smooth sailing we wouldn´t eventually value them.   And, of course, it´s moving to receive such recognition for the work done and gratitude.  
Wich I must credit to the team, for, some time it´s me that is around, other times is Dale, Josi, Rennan, Marcio, Fran and others (some come and go and come back).  All equally willingly helping  out people here.
I, the site, and certainly all the others are on the same page about the dissemination of information and knowledge, because they are power. To my thinking, a strong country only can be strong if we democratize communication and access to culture and education, that is, if everyone has a say.  Don´t know for others fellow countrymen, but I feel glad for every individual that have success in their English learning and in any other kind of education. 
Similar to Pierre Trudeau saying´s  gist, I think to feel at home in Brazil, in the world, and in others countries education is crucial. And learning English, or other languages can empower us to that end.  As someone else said "light the lamp of knowledge to dispel ignorance.", it takes action to change something around, even though just a little bit.
If I changed the life of one person to the better, the effort would be worthwhile, since nobody is an island.

And thanks for the patience to read all that, buddy. 


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