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Autor:  Lina Figueiredo
E-mail:  lina_adora@hotmail.com
Data:  10/ABR/2015 10:23 AM
Assunto:  Coursebooks
Mensagem:  Dear teachers,

We all know that choosing a good material (as in coursebook and extra activities) can facilitate the learning process in class, making it more practical and easier for the students to engage. I've worked with some of the most popular coursebooks from different Print houses (Interchange, English in common, Make your point, among others) and I've been looking for a material that contains grammar but FOCUSES ON speaking activities, dialogs and listening activities so that the students can really develop communication skills. So I thought we could exchange ideas, suggest materials and, hopefully, contribute to one another practices. 

Looking forward to your suggestions,

Teacher Lina.

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