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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  31/AGO/2015 10:17 PM
Assunto:  Help about starting conversation class
None, you aren´t possibly lacking any magic. Problem is, people want to get overnight results. I am afraid they won´t. 
Yet, another subject to be brought to the table, is that people have to be involved with what they want, they have to do something, anything that get them involved themselves.
How about to get their apprenticeship in their own hands? I mean, you will act just like a tutor, not a teacher (don´t say that to them).
You could play a clip, say, those of Flatmates and then make them interact, to overcome their initial inhibitions in speaking English.

This way, you can make repeat some, but then, forming their own stories, questions, and the likes. With your direction, sort of.  You could teach them grammar topics without teaching grammar (or at least, officially, not much of it - officially I mean.) 

Here you can ask them WHAT DOES someone´s else look like? (you can correct them, if they use DOES with "looks" etc...

1) where are you from? where are they from? where are your parents from? where are your friend from? etc...

2) What do you do? what he/she does? etc...

You could print the transcripts and ask them to role play, or to read the text by taking turns, one would read some part then other would continue on.
In the beggining you have to teach them some basics, like "this vs that" (what is this? what is that?) etc.
With time you may ask them to write about what they watched (homework), and then all of you will discuss about it in the next class.
You can then check (even make notes) their development and pitfalls, points to be improved or made a recap. Participation is also a way to get engaged into what they do.
Of course, somehow you let them go in their own pace, you don´t talk machine-gun (in their perception), fast, or else they get owerhelmed and may lose confidence.  With time, you turn it up a notch, but not much. 
You go testing, getting some feedback from them, asking how they are, what they understood, ask to express themselves etc.

Well, there are always some possibilities...this is already a starting point.

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