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Autor:  Sidney
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/SET/2015 11:25 PM
Assunto:  Help about starting conversation class
Mensagem:  Hello folks,

It has been a long time since I had some time to come drop some lines here :)
I miss you guys, Fran, PPaulo, Josie, Jazz and others. I have a new job and that is taking most of my time also a new dog :)))

Fran, I have the same issue with most of my friends, they want to learn but they don't want "to pay the price" in what it's involved to learn a new language.I learned on this site (o que significa aprender ingles?) and use some of the questions in the article as a starting point. I always ask my friends, "Why do you want to learn English or why do you believe you need to learn English? Depending on the answer I know if the person is being realistic or not. 

Examples: A very close friend of mine said "Sid I want to learn English and speak it perfectly without making any mistake and most important! Without an accent!!!" Unfortunately, he's not being real. That's an ambition goal that will be hard to achieve on the "once a week leaning basis."

Other friends, would say: "I want to watch a movie and understand 100% what is being said... :/ but when you tell them to spend some time listening to CNN or watch a show without subtitles they think it's too hard.

My approach is always the same now, okay...you want to learn English master some 40 irregular verbs so you can write some basic sentences like "I slept, I ate, I saw," after that I'd tell them to create some lists of words, flashcards, label their furniture at home in English and see how it goes...but most of them stop or quit after couple months :(

I think the secret here would be, if you love English enough to overcome the struggle of learning a new language chances are you will make it...if you are trying to learn English to put in your resume and tell your boss you speak "technical" English, or just understand everything but can't speak yet...I think you're just fooling yourself. So again, the secrete is the love for it...more than the need for it. Based on that love, I have decided to move out from Brazil it was not working for me. I wanted English to be part of my everyday life not 2 hours a week in a classroom. I wanted (and still want) more, that's why I keep coming back to this site. If you run a search with my name you will see question way back in 2004 :)


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