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Autor:  Thomas - USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  26/SET/2015 8:46 PM
Assunto:  gelo derretendo
Mensagem:  "Black ice" is what came to my mind too, PPaulo.  It doesn't have to come from melted snow.  It can even begin as moisture from fog.  The temperature drops below freezing (0 C), and black ice forms.  This can happen in minutes, not hours.  It may last 10 minutes or 10 hours.

The name comes from the fact that it is invisible.  When your car suddenly changes direction, it is a good sign that you are in a patch of it.  One night in California, my vehicle turned 90 degrees.  Sideways.  It was most exciting.  My nephew in Oregon swore he could hear my screams.

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