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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/NOV/2015 2:30 PM
Assunto:  Straddle.
Mensagem:  Dede,

EMB is always a great place!  Nowadays other social media has taken much space such as Facebook, twitter, and a younger generation as well as many oldies are into Facebook and Instagram too much. I say this just to point out that maybe your lack of motivation is just normal -- probably you've learned more English than you were required to use on your day to day. Now, re-working a translation is a good exercise -- English is a language that allows nouns to become verbs, modern verbs whose simple past and past participle tenses just required an ED at the end. As you translate technical stuff bear in mind that you'll come across made up verbs, e.g. box = caixa, to box = encaixotar, pack = pacote, to pack = empacotar, target = alvo , to target = mirar, focar, and so on.

As early as the end of the 13th century the English language started getting metaphorical meanings to its words. For example,  going  started to be used as a metaphor for I'm going tomorrow instead of the progressive use of the word "I'm going at this very moment".

I wasn't aware of these things in the past as I attempted to translate technical things.

to straddle = sentar-se com uma perna para cada lado da cadeira
to straddle a horse 

to straddle = on an issue = parecer em cima do muro

So I see that a "straddle plant" according to the paragraph you posted is a plant to sits on the line, on the natural gas line -- and probably Portuguese doesn't have a specific word for that yet.

Translation is really a mission!!

I believe you'll get some suggestions for translations as long as you don't have long paragraphs, but short  adjective and noun phrases set into a good contextual sentences.

I do admire those who can translate English very well into Portuguese.

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