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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/JUL/2016 1:32 AM
Assunto:  Halo
I am glad that you like it. First of all thanks for being so generous and kind towards me.  As I said once, I have learned a lot from you too, so that makes us even!
Once a learner said that I had become some kind of fixture around here, it seems like it pays off! 
Every mommy will give that piece of advice to her offspring "choose your friends carefully. Don´t get mixed up with the wrong group" it turns out that I found here the right sort of group, that of some learners addicted to learnimg English (as a life-long process, sort of).
I wish I were master. But I really appreciate your warm and spontaneous compliment, it seems like I am on the right path.
I do strive for learning more and help my fellow learners. So your appreciation makes me keep studying, not to get perfect English (it would be great, though) but to improve my own language skills.
Being a child of a teacher, it seems like it runs on the family. I am not a teacher by profession but I like to pass on some lessons and knowledge.  
This site has been instrumental to train my English and, at the same time, learn a lot from language, the English culture, our culture, our country and other things.
It made me see a lot of things in new perspectives.
Again, thanks for your motivating and lifting up comment. The very learning that your English vocabulary has grown it´s a gift to me. Honest!

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