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Autor:  ignacio lopez aylagas
E-mail:  ignacio.lopez.aylagas@gmail.com
Data:  21/JUL/2016 7:10 PM
Assunto:  recomendation

Dear Sir,

The reason for this email is to present you the project that I've developed called findmewords.com.

There are many English dictionaries on the Internet, Findmewords is the first one to collect more than 450,000 words in English and classify them to offer users all kinds of dictionaries and search tools to find the word they are looking for. Among the tools findmewords.com offers we can highlight:

Lettered word search, which allows to search for all words that can be formed with a set of letters, it is ideal for solving crossword games.

It also has a word finder beginning or ending with a set of letters, in all cases the words that are obtained as search results are presented sorted by length and you can find the meaning of either of them by simply clicking on the word in question.

A comprehensive dictionary of synonyms and antonyms with more than 68,000 entries for each one of them presents a wide range of synonyms and antonyms according to different meanings of each entry.

Dictionary definitions, containing the etymology, origin, grammatical category and definition for over 450,000 words

Rhyming dictionary, where it's possible to find rhymes for more than 40,000 words sorted by number of syllables.

Scrabble word search with the official dictionaries for English. The SOWPOD dictionary with 267,751 words is the official for UK and the TWL06 dictionary with 178,691 words is the official dictionary for USA, Canada and Thailand. 

findmewords.com also has a blog that contains interesting articles that address issues related to grammar and spelling.

It would be very important for my project if you could publish a link to my site from your prestigious website.

Thank you very much for your time



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