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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/MAR/2017 3:01 AM
Assunto:  Private Class
Mensagem:  Dear Paulo,

Finding books that offer a lot of conversation material, for example: Questions in English is really hard to find. The franchises in Brazil, such as Wizard, for example, going back into your newer post, look like they've studied lots of international materials and have added the questions for conversation that the international materials sort of lack. It's a paradox to criticize international materials while praising national brands. When international authors create their materials they possibly have one main public in mind, which is the immigrant or international student living in an English speaking country; an individual who listens to English and speaks some variation of English in his/her day-to-day and goes to school to get the finishing touches and also to get motivated; and they usually go to school for 15-20 hours a week and not the 2-3 hours a week as is the case in Brazil. 

As far as conversation, you can pay attention at Prof. Ricardo's advice, and personally I'd say to you, as a teacher you have to master your craft and you have to own that stage. Your classroom is your stage and you have to own it. You can see great language classes on Youtube of how teachers own the classroom. We all need to make a buck; and teaching is no different, I believe you need to make your money but if your students want a very inactive learning process, they're not ready for a master teacher -- I can't put it well in words as Prof. Ricardo can, but from my heart I want to say to you that you must own the classroom and you're the best teacher for your students right now -- you have to decide on a fun and active method(style) not them really , they can give you input but when a student wants to " change the method " they are tired of you or you're sick and tired of them not learning. If the students want to just sit their butt on a chair and take notes and translate every single thing they see, I don't know, if possible "fire them"  and get better students ( sorry if it sounds rude ).

I'll share a video with you where an American teacher demonstrates how far he goes to teach his American students Spanish. Here's the video:

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