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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  25/JUL/2018 9:30 PM
Assunto:  Comércio intraindustrial
Mensagem:  Yours is a good question!

Well, it´s current among economists (students included) the usage of  "intraindustrial trade" with the meaning of "comércio de produtos industriais entre países ou estados", etc.  So, if you are writing your thesis, I think it´s okay with universities and the academic audience. 
There are plenty of books and articles on Economics in which that expression is within the title/heading.    So, you are in good company, and who am I to go against the grain on that one?  

On the grammarians (and/or nitpickers´ side), chances are that they beg to disagree.
It´s because "intraindustrial" would suggest something "within", that´s why we don´t see much of a translation of "intramuros" (they translate it "within the city) or intramural - when meaning "taking place within the place - OR as in "intramural" taking place sports organized within a particular institution (intramural sports - from Wikipedia).

Back to the crux:

...por meio do aproveitamento do comércio intraindustrial.

...through the use of interstate commerce and trade (with both neighbouring states and the rest of the country). 


To those perfectionists, ha ha!  intraindustrial would be something "intramural" of sorts, within the industry compounds. See?

And intrastate (intra-state if you wish) trade and commerce, would be the one within the limits of a given state (in our case - Tocantins). 

Again, the academical audience won´t sue you if you use "intraindustrial trade".

I am not being judgemental here, on the contrary. I am giving you a tool you can use should someone read your work and say that it´s wrong, for such and such interpretation.

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